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Techno Automation provides complete automation solutions that customers have relied   upon for years easy to use and that gives  the flexibility to choose your level of investment   to increase your production.  Our aim is to continue adding complimentary product lines to serve our customers while promoting new and existing products from our existing partners. We are evolving as an organization that is aiming to meet the challenges of our customers. We believe that we will be a leading turnkey solution provider for automation requirements. Our Engineers will provide you with an array of product options that truly reflect our stature. You are assured of obtaining the most advanced proven technology. We design our solutions to be compatible with your current systems, while leveraging from the best in the automation industry. The result is greater compatibility while retraining, reprogramming and total costs are minimized. We have proven expertise in embedded software development to reduce complexity in plant automation and legacy systems. We have excellent domain knowledge in the plant automation to Automate industry requirements using programmable logic controllers . Our services start from validating the product lifecycle to architecting, development, documentation, maintenance and back to upgrade management. When required, we will even procure, install and manage the hardware and software infrastructure for your system.