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Techno Automation provides quality automation products to customers around Tamil Nadu. we have provided precision automation systems that are currently being used in medical, industrial, assembly, inspection, pick-and-place, scientific, electronic, drilling and welding applications. Most of our automation products can be combined interchangeably to suit your automation needs and provide you complete automation solutions.   We stock, deal in and supply the excellent quality of Process Control & Automation Instruments, Electronic Process Control Instruments, Digital Process Control Instruments and Temperature Measuring Instruments, which include all types of Temperature Measuring & Recording Instruments, Digital Thermometer, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Scanners, Temperature Recorders, Data Loggers, Temperature Sensors, Digital / Dial Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Timers, PLC’s and also all types of Proximity Sensors, Switching Mode Power Supplies, Transducers, I/O Modules, Manometers, Flow Meters Controllers etc. single-axis servo motion controllers, single-axis stepper motion controllers, multi-axis servo and stepper motion controllers, servo drives, gearboxes and stepper/servo motion control software.
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